Corvette Collection

Hot Wheels for 1987:


  Name Series Color Wheels Description Gen. # Specific # Price
X `80s Corvette 1987 Hot Wheels Black GHO "Corvette" tampos, w/Grey Bag in Back 1457 $0.00
X Split Window `63 1987 Hot Wheels Magenta BW light green, white, and yellow flames on side and hood; tan interior; metal Hong Kong base 1486 $
Split Window `63 1987 Hot Wheels Magenta BW Malaysia Casting 1486 $0.00
X Monster `Vette 1987 Hot Wheels Trailbusters Yellow CT Red and purple flames on sides and hood; Blue windows 3716 $
Monster `Vette Yellow CTS 3716 39 $



Information pulled from Hot Wheels Variations: The Ultimate Guide 3rd Edition by Michael Zarnock and Web sites such as South Texas Diecast Collectors Hot Wheels Collector's Guide.