Corvette Collection

Johnny Lightnings for 2006:


Have Name Series Color Wheeltype Description General #
`57 Corvette HT Street Freaks, Release 22 Metallic Lime Green Kustomized
`78 Corvette Classic Plastic - Release 2 Silver Factory Style
`58 Chevy Corvette Holiday Classics Christmas-Red Chrome Factory Style
`78 Corvette Calendar Cars Factory Style
`58 Corvette Chevy Thunder - Release 6 Arctic Blue Factory Style
X `57 Corvette Hardtop Class of `57, Release 1 Black Factory Style
`63 Corvette 1:18 Musclecars Red Factory Style
`58 Corvette Classic Gold, Release 30 Snowcrest White Factory Style
`56 Corvette Auction Insanity White Factory Style
X `57 Corvette Chevy Thunder, Release 5 Arctic Blue Factory Style



Information pulled from Web sites such as Wyatt's Johnny Lightning Website.